"Mixtape Madness"

Mr. Roboto Project

Set 1: Put it for Pawn (1)(2), Storms on Jupiter 

Set 2: The World Awaits(3)>Dig a Hole (2)


1) WBY full lineup debut

2) Alternate lyrics

3) Featured intro jam

In the band's second appearance of the year at Mr. Roboto Project, they played in a festival called "Mixtape Madness" where Wild Blue Yonder and nine other bands played two 10 minute sets each.  It was the band's first live appearance coming out of a month of rehearsals. 

Put it for Pawn was debuted by the band, and Eli sang the lyrics in the wrong order, changing the last line of the second verse to,"I need someone who has had my hands/Come on in, join the band!"  

Storms on Jupiter featured a noticeably  more concentrated presence of dynamics.  The World Awaits started with a very moving melodic solo from Eli overtop of a synth intro from Joe; with the band providing a sturdy back bone.  The performance was also the first time to feature an arrangement where Betsy took things into a higher gear to transition into Dig a Hole, with Eli giving a gentler, psychedelic passage to complete the transition.    Eli sang the second verse to Dig a Hole out of order too, but Benito lended him a hand and modified his harmonies to fit.


Ace's Axe Throwing

Setlist: World Awaits (1) > Dig a Hole (1), Icarus (2), Sun Jam (3), Lighthouse, Giant Trees (1)


1) WBY full lineup debut

2) Alternate Intro

3) Interrupted during first chorus due to power outage, Benito and Eli finished it a cappella.  

Wild Blue Yonder closed the night after sets from The Alfomega and Herbivore. The event was put on by Troy from Abstract Theory and featured vendors along with live painting from Zach Rutter.  

The show started with Joe playing an unaccompanied medley and Eli telling the crowd he needed to feel out his new guitar, a PRS Hollow Body, so the band gave World Awaits an extended intro jam.  From there, the band immediately segued into Dig a Hole, being lead by a Betsy guitar solo.  Once the transition was complete, Dig a Hole started with Eli giving a very distorted and psychedelic driven beginning that was countered with a soft gentle verse. The song picked back up for the chorus and ended on an energetic outro jam with Benito driving the song like a train conductor who realized the brakes weren't working.  


After a jam heavy set opener, the band switched gears into a modest Icarus that featured solos from Joe on electric piano and Dan on organ.  

After Icarus, Liam called Sun Jam and the band launched into what had potential to be one of the greatest renditions of it ever given.  Sun Jam started with an epic improvised introduction with Eli and Joe playing off of each other in their solos, smiling at each other all the way.  Benito's dynamic build up was right in line with the improvisations and the first climax would've even made Hugh Hefner proud. Unfortunately, the power supply to the stage was shut off during the first chorus and the sound abruptly stopped.  Benito and Eli finished the chorus with no mics or instruments, just singing as loudly as they could over the drum beat.  The band laughed and took a break while the crew diagnosed the power problem.

The band came back on stage shortly after and started a calm and conversational jam that officially morphed into Lighthouse after Benito's drum break.  The band then launched straight into the iconic groove and then the verse/bridge/chorus.  This version of Lighthouse featured an especially tight first jam.  Eli's solo weaved through the changes and the band was locked in. There were some especially climatic moments that hit hard coming out of the dissonant movements that Eli and Joe created.  They were especially locked into what one another was playing.   Eli's solo ended and a 7/8 jam section began with Joe switching over to synth.  Joe gave an off the wall-anything goes solo that was still extremely melodic.  It was undercoated by Eli comping with altered dominant chords and the two continued to be the apple of the other's eyes.  Benito but the lid back on the jar and changed gears right back into the groove and the rest of song lived happily ever after.  

The show ended with the full band's debut of Giant Trees.  The song started and ended with an African influenced drum feature from Benito.

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The band pictured at Ace's Axe Throwing.


Mr. Roboto Project

*Ranked as a "Golden Standard" show by the band*

Setlist: Lighthouse (1), Icarus, Storms on Jupiter (2), Nothing to Lose (3)


1) Both Eli and Benito sang the first bridge twice instead of the normal second bridge.

2) Storms on Jupiter ended with Benito taking a drum solo while Eli and the crowd chanted his name.

3) Nothing to Lose was requested by Andrea Pingis, the show's promoter and friend of the band, allowing the band to go slightly over their scheduled time.

The show was a surprise birthday party for RICK's band member Luc.  Wild Blue Yonder was third in a lineup of Illumination X, Grant Charney, WBY, Sosterik, and RICK.  The band was noticeably tighter than the previous week and the energy level was a lot higher.


"Lighthouse"clocked in at around 13 minutes, featuring a particularly memorable second jam with Betsy emitting a very full, melodic solo that finished with her and Eli combining notes into a harmonized effort.  The band followed with "Icarus" which was well received by the crowd.  Before singing the last "I'd get too high" line, Eli held out a long fermata and the band all smiled at each other before giving the song an especially energetic, crescendoed outro. The intro to "Storms on Jupiter" featured a tritone tease from Joe on electric piano. Finally, "Nothing to Lose" had a soulful, passionate vocal effort and Liam danced along during the intro.  

The "2020 Kickoff Show" poster.


Rock's Landing

Setlist: Icarus>Masakali, Nothing to Lose (1), Storms On Jupiter, Lighthouse (2), Sun Jam (3)


1) Marcus Hicks on Trumpet

2) Dan on Trumpet

3) Benito finished the vocals out by himself because Eli had the flu

The band was the opener for Kind of Blue Jazz Band and they played for a little under an hour.  It was the first show to feature both Joe on electric piano and synth along with Dan on organ.  Marcus Hicks joined the band in the first solo section on the bridge and soloed though multiple choruses before playing call and response with Eli.  

Wild Blue Yonder's first live appearance of 2020.

Management & Booking

A.J. Prestogeorge, Manager WBY

Email: Management@WildBlueYonderPittsburgh.com             




Band out of Pittsburgh, PA

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